How to add an animated GIF in Apple Keynote

January 24, 2014

When you drag a GIF-animation into Keynote, it won’t animate.
You’ll just see a static frame.
There’s a little workaround, though.

This is a way to quickly add an animated gif to Keynote as a video.

  1. Go to Keynote-Settings
  2. Activate “Optimize Movies for iOS” in the general settings
  3. Rename your *.gif-file to *.mp4 (“animation.gif” should be “animation.mp4”)
  4. Drag the file into Keynote
  5. Enjoy

I make lots of screen-grab-GIFs with LICECap to collect UX-Elements from Apps and Websites and I’m using this trick to collect them all in one Keynote-File.

April Update: Keynote now supports animated GIFs natively!