My “other” Work :)

October 5, 2009
I’ve been posting almost only drawings and sketchies till now. I thought I should make a post dedicated to my client work.

One thing I did a year ago was an Illustration Job for a First-Aid Course for their PP-Presentations.
Another thing was the Logo Design for a Munich-Based Funkrock Band Department’s Rising. They came right out of the Studio and I’m anxious to hear their new recordings.
They also made Merchandise with the Logo. It’s so cool to see the stuff on Hoodies and Buttons!
The most recent thing was a Logo for a Barbershop. I like how it turned out and the guys put it all over the place!

The following Images are Advertisements for McDonalds Germany. This was a project for Uni, we worked together with Heye, the Company that does the adverts for McD in Germany. The creations you see here are a team effort with two other students.