On Practising and Motivation

October 2, 2008

Hey guys,

ever feel unmotivated to do something? Here’s how I handle that & general tips that help me a lot:

1. Start within 3 Seconds, or you’ll come up with 10 Exuses not to start. Do it right away, just go for it.

2. Don’t know what to draw? Draw your hand, draw what you see when you look directly into the mirror.

3. Remember that there is no perfect medium, no perfect paper. Use what feels best for you.

4. There are no perfect conditions to work in. Don’t wait till they get better, they usually won’t, at least not so fast.

5. You have not enough time? Maybe sleep a little less. Stop playing Halo.

6. Cancel your WOW membership.

7. Maybe you need somebody to be honest and tell you that you’re a slacker and that drawing 1 hour a day is a ridiculously short amount of time. Usually helps. (Thx Jonas!)

8. Get used to Red Bull. Good for a nice nightshift.

9. Nothing beats drawing from life. Go to Starbucks and sketch the people sitting around (It HAS to be Starbucks! The other coffesshops suck donkey ass). Draw your dog. Paint the view from your window. Whatever. Attend life drawing sessions if you have the chance. If you can go but don’t, you have to rethink your aims.

10. UUUUssssseeeee the Internet. There are so many great ways to motivate the crap out of you. For example:

Artcast by Stephen Silver
Bobby Chiu’s Digital Podcast

Watching Art Tutorial Videos is also helpful. See, they have great tutorials to purchase and download. Or do a Youtube Search.

So much from me. If you like drawing in coffeeshops, come and join the CSSG.