I want music-streaming to succeed

November 5, 2014

I understand that artists are having a hard time making enough money through services like Spotify—especially the non-superstars and indies.

I like the concept though, and wouldn’t want to live without it. I’ll gladly pay double and I also guess it would make sense, not to have the newest releases available immediately, so the record/download-sales aren’t hurt by streaming.

Netflix doesn’t show most new shows right away, does it?

You have to wait.

Wouldn’t that work for music-streaming, too? Why not: „Pay 5$ to hear NOW, or wait three months.“ And also have that „paid“ album available for good, without having to fear its removal two years in the future.

The fact that there are soundtracks priced triple its games price shows there’s something broke in the way we value art. People expecting most games to be for free and think that 3,59 is a premium-price just baffle me.

U2 giving away their album for free isn’t helping, too.

(But I guess that’s where the term Pro „Bono“ comes from, amirite?)