September 3, 2012

Sometimes it’s easier to start something new than to fix the old thing.


This is a test post for the layout, but it’s also an article about rediscovering my love for simplicity. My old website was a mix of pixel–art and drop shadows. I made it while I still was studying design, thinking that I had to make something fancy to impress whomever I thought I had to impress.

One of my favorite websites is Fefes Blog. The layout is bare HTML without any styling. Not the fanciest design out there but it’s readable and allows me to do what I came for: to read his ramblings. He is offering stylesheets for people who need colors and gradients. I tried to use, but kept removing them again.

This look would be a little too minimalistic for a designer, though. Instead of just stripping the old design I decided to make a new WordPress installation and make a minimal Theme from scratch. The font used is Droid Sans, which I discovered recently when I played around with Android programming. It’s freely available from Google Fonts.